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ShenderGraphix is a full service design studio providing an effectual and innovative approach to web and graphic design. We create digital experiences that are a mixture of innovative technology, great design, and multimedia content. We offer both digital and print design services as well as branding specializations. ShenderGraphix is an experienced and driven small team of professionals who work closely with our clients to translate their visions into a multitude of platforms. For us it's all about the relationships we develop and the stories we tell.


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the MandMarblestone Group, llc


The MandMarblestone Group, llc is a tax law consulting firm that designs, administers and consults on qualified retirement plans. The firm works with business owners, accountants and investment advisors who want to maximize plan contributions for owners, family members and select employees. The MandMarblestone Group has developed an IRS-approved plan that goes far beyond the traditional 401(k) contribution. The plan is adaptable to business changes and meets all government non-discrimination requirements


Client benefits include:

•  Opportunity for owners to maximize contributions above and beyond the traditional 401(k) limit

•  Associated income tax reduction

•  Ability to incent and reward select employees

•  Flexibility to change employee rewards on a year-to-year basis

•  Maximum control over employee plan contribution expense


The MandMarblestone Group has over 33 years of experience helping business owners maximize their plan contributions to achieve greater benefits from their retirement plans.


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Robert Mand Photography, 1760 Market Street., Suite 700  |  Phila., PA 19103  or



Robert Mand Photography - 1760 Market Street. - Suite 700  |  Philadelphia, PA 19103  or

 CONTACT:  Robert Mand Photography

1760 Market Street. - Suite 700  |  Philadelphia, PA 19103  or


Robert Mand Photography

1760 Market Street. - Suite 700

Philadelphia, PA 19103  or